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As a drywall contractor, E&K Painting provides full-service drywall repair resulting from leaks and mold for residential and commercial properties. With the highest quality in mind, we offer commercial and residential drywall installation and drywall repair.

When it comes to drywall repairs and installation in the Washington and Oregon, E&K Painting is your top choice. With the many years of knowledge and experience that we have serving our clients in the area, we have created a reputation for providing the highest-quality work. Our goal is to make sure our clients are always happy with the jobs we perform, and that is why we make sure we are always on time, prompt, professional, and ready to take care of all your drywall repairs and installation.

We offer the most comprehensive services at the most competitive prices. If you are looking for the highest quality drywall repairs and installation in the Pacific NW, look no further.

Best Quality Drywall Repair

Accidents happen, damages occurs and drywall needs to be repaired. Whether you’re looking for a complete replacement, or you’re just looking for a quick fix, we offer drywall repair for both residential and commercial customers. Don’t settle for less when you can have it done right the first time, on time and on budget.

Drywall Installation Services:

Hanging drywall sheets: This means measure, cut and fit. We always make sure to custom fit the drywall sheets to form to any molding or shape on your home.
Fill joints between panels: We fill in the cracks with joint compound to ensure that there are no surprises or seams that will show through when we get ready to paint.
Paper tape panels: We do this to reinforce the drywall and put a second layer to ensure no imperfections will be detected upon finishing.
Sand over compound: This is the last step in the process to ensure a smooth finish.
Custom Texturing: This will be a custom texture for you to paint over to finish out the look of your wall

We provide the best service in the industry

Our commitment to providing customers with quality work and top-notch customer service, makes us the best choice for all of your commercial and residential painting needs

With over a decade of professional experience, E&K Painting, LLC prides itself on providing the highest quality work the first time around.

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